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How We Evaluate the Top Online Poker Tournament Websites


Our team of expert poker players will spend many days doing a full analysis of each online poker site. While evaluating the quality of sites that conduct online poker tournaments, we place particular emphasis on the following:


Guaranteed prize pools

Buy-in range

Game variety

Size of the playing field

Guaranteed prize pools are essential for online poker tournaments, since you deserve to be handsomely paid for any success. If they cannot attract enough buy-ins, the greatest poker sites will supplement the prize pool to a specified level.


The buy-in range is also crucial. The finest online poker tournament organizers in the United Kingdom will cater to a wide spectrum of players, from beginners who wish to hone their poker tournament strategy in freerolls to high-stakes players who wish to test their wits against opponents with comparable bankrolls.


The finest online poker sites offer a wide variety of games, such as rebuys, progressive knockouts, deep stack, turbo, freezeout, and re-entries, among others. We also evaluate the size of the field, as the number of competitors will affect the prize pools and the duration of the competition. They require essentially diversity and liquidity.


We also prioritize the variety of deposit methods and the quickness and ease of withdrawals. Our staff evaluates the total user experience, including the quality of the interface, the simplicity of navigation, and the availability of customer assistance. We also evaluate the attractiveness of bonuses, promotions, and loyalty programs.


Also, we investigate the ownership of each UK poker site that hosts online poker events. We identify respectable, regulated operators with a lengthy history of paying out in full and on schedule, such as the UK Gambling Commission. Our crew revisits these sites frequently to verify that they retain their high standards, and we also evaluate new sites as they appear on the market, ensuring that you are always given with an accurate list of the finest online poker tournament sites.


Many Event Varieties Provided by Top Poker Websites

As you enter the lobby of the greatest online poker sites, you will be provided with a wide variety of different tournament formats. These are the most prevalent categories:


Multiple-table Competitions

Each table in a multi-table event contains a set of competitors vying for a position at the final table. The objective is to retain the best players from each table. Eventually, the surviving core group of players will compete for supremacy, and the winner will be awarded all of the chips. MTT poker tournaments are recognized for their huge payouts and exciting play.


Sit & Gos

A fixed number of players compete at a single table in a single-table Sit & Go tournament, abbreviated SNG. The competition will commence after a predetermined amount of participants have registered. These typically involve six to ten players and last less than an hour. There is a predetermined buy-in, and the prize pool is often split among the final two or three players, with the winner receiving the greatest amount.



On an online poker site, a freeroll tournament has no entrance cost. These are excellent for beginners, as they provide the ideal opportunity to develop your poker tournament approach. If you are one of the remaining players, you will receive a reward. It could be money, goods, or even free entrance into paid tournaments. While there is no entry cost, you may be asked to earn loyalty points and exchange them for access into poker freerolls at an online poker site. If you want more information about this sort of tournament and are looking for the finest poker bonuses and freerolls, our professionals can help.


Tournaments with Freezeout, Rebuy, and Re-Entry Formats

A freezeout event allows only a single entry, with no rebuys or re-entries permitted. If you participate in a rebuy tournament, you can purchase additional chips if you lose your stack or come near to going bankrupt. A re-entry tournament enables you to re-enter the tournament with a starting stack, but you must pay the entire buy-in fee once more.


Deepstacks, Turbos, Hyper-Turbos

The blinds will increase in size as the online poker tournament goes. If you choose to participate in a deep stack event, the blinds will increase approximately every 10 minutes. A deep stack tournament is a relatively slow-paced event. Before participating in this type of tournament, you should consult our large stack strategy guide.


If you want to hurry things up, you can participate in a turbo poker game. Then, you would anticipate the blind to rise every five minutes. The following level is hyper-turbo, where the blind rises every three minutes. A hyper turbo game can last less than an hour, but a typical deepstack tournament lasts over six hours.


Bounties and Progressive Knockout Competitions

In a bounty tournament, removing an opponent is rewarded. This is a fascinating choice for poker players in the United Kingdom, since it adds a great deal of interest and drama to each pot. In these tournaments, players can win money without having to wait until 85 percent of the field is gone. That can result in far higher short-term enjoyment.


Bounty tournaments are also known as bounty hunter tournaments and bounty builder events. They typically offer substantial reward pools. The mechanic of bounties can also alter the game’s dynamic, as players often adopt a more aggressive strategy in order to win a bounty.


Progressive bounty tournaments are a common type of bounty hunter competition. In this situation, half of your buy-in is your bounty. When you eliminate an opponent, you receive half of their reward as wins. As the progressive KO tournament progresses, bounties increase, and certain players become prime targets due to the size of their bounty. In a progressive KO tournament, sometimes known as an ultra KO tournament, survival is the name of the game, although aggression can also be rewarded.

Sections are played in phase tournaments. These are similar to satellite poker tournaments in that you must play in Phase 1 to advance to Phase 2. However, they differ from satellite poker tournaments in that you carry your stack into the following round.



Phase tournaments, usually referred to as flight events, frequently serve as the foundation for big poker series. They are designed to ensure a huge prize pool and a large number of participants. You do not need to play for longer than six hours and remain awake all night. You can also unlock many chances to qualify for a major event, as you have multiple chances to try your luck before Phase 2 begins on the second day.


Shootout Competitions

Shootout tournaments are a combination of multi-table tournaments and single-table tournaments. There are numerous tables, but as players are eliminated, they are not balanced. Instead, the game continues until only one person remains at each table. They advance to the following round, and eventually the greatest players compete for the grand prize at the final table.


Satellite Competitions

A satellite tournament is a qualifier for a prominent, major poker tournament. Players from the United Kingdom can attend satellite tournaments with relatively cheap buy-ins in an effort to qualify for tournaments with higher buy-ins.


Chris Moneymaker, appropriately called, is the most well-known winner of a satellite poker event ever. Tennessee’s 28-year-old accountant’s buy-in was only $10,000. Moneymaker won the event and cashed in his $2,500,000 prize. Ultimately, he became an ambassador for PokerStars.

Tournament Collection


The leading online poker tournament organizers host flagship tournament series. Several websites organize these events, which create a tremendous lot of interest and exposure. Here are some of the most prominent contests you may enter:


Millions in Party Poker Prizes

The World Series of Poker of GGPoker (WSOP)

888poker XL Series

PokerStars Global Online Poker Championship (WCOOP)

PokerStars Spring Online Poker Championship (SCOOP)

If you win a poker tournament of this size, you can earn life-changing prizes and a tremendous number of money.


Tournament Poker Technique

Your poker tournament approach should differ based on the sort of competition you are participating in. In a bounty hunter poker event, for instance, players are frequently rewarded for displaying increased aggression. Yet, there are a number of poker tournament strategy concepts that should always prove useful:


Adopt a tight-aggressive strategy as a whole.


Start slowly and gradually increase your aggression.


Play the proper opening hands.


Exhibit patience.


Safeguard your inventory.


Learn how to read your opponents.


Use innovative software to gain an advantage.


When to use a bluff.


Understand tilt.


Keep your attention.


Use your breaks wisely.


Avoid unneeded distractions.


Avoid making rookie mistakes.


Comparison of Poker Tournaments vs Cash Games

Each chip in a cash game has a monetary value. If a player must depart before the finish of the game, they can cash in their chips. Your eventual payment in a poker tournament is determined by your final position in the game.


The buy-ins fund the prize pool, and you will be informed of how the monies will be distributed prior to the start of the tournament. There are typically awards for the runner-up and other players who advance to the final stages in online poker events.


Various Poker Tournament Phases

The stages of a typical online poker tournament consist of the early, middle, late, and final tables. You should adapt your poker tournament approach based on the current stage. In the early rounds of a UK poker tournament, it may be prudent, for instance, to play tight and delay making very advantageous decisions. You must maintain composure until you reach the middle rounds.


In the middle stages of a poker tournament, it is generally advantageous to loosen up a bit and begin 3-betting mid-pocket pairs and high-suited connectors in specific circumstances. This is an excellent opportunity to add chips to your stack before the bubble stage. You can attempt to steal the blinds of tight players, steal more blinds, and push for value, but you must also defend your blinds.


In the late stages and at the final table, your strategy will depend heavily on the amount of your stack. Consult our medium stack strategy guide to learn how to play while you are in the center of the tournament field.


How to Improve Your Tournament Play

Again, your strategy must be adjusted to the types of poker tournaments in which you participate, but the following guidelines will help you become a stronger player:


Start out cautiously and increase your aggression as the game progresses.

Ensure that your stack does not drop below 10 large blinds, and consult our small stack strategy guide to learn how to play while your chips are going low.

Show poise, concentration, and patience.

Practice prudent money management.

Learn to avoid tilt and exploit other players’ emotions.

Always practice and learn to control your emotions.

Check out our 12 stages to becoming a professional poker player for additional information on poker tournament strategy.

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