Frogs & Bugs Slot Overview

People, I hope you enjoy creepy crawlies. Pragmatic Play’s creative software creator created Frogs & Bugs online slot. Built may not be the perfect term here, as Frogs & Bugs is a reskin of Tropical Tiki, which didn’t impress at the time of its review. The Frogs & Bugs test run began with low hopes. But optimism is a human trait—who knows where mankind would be if we didn’t hope the future may be better? Let Frogs & Bugs prove itself optimistically.

Frogs & Bugs’ location and sensory effect are first. The game is set on a lily pad-covered pond with vines and lotus blossoms. Since two slots include froggy symbols, the game looks like Wild Hop & Drop. Frogs & Bugs’ free spins scatter symbol features a snouted winged insect. Frogs & Bugs started well with a charming, cartoonish, welcoming design, but questions lingered that it would outperform the original slot.

Frogs & Bugs is an interesting grid setup with 6-reels holding 3 rows each in the regular game and expanding in the bonus round. The primary game has 729 ways to win, but free spins may max out at 6,400. Frogs & Bugs, a very volatile machine (4.5 out of 5 bolt meter), with a maximum return to player of 96.43% or 96.2% when buying free spins. By default, stakes vary from 25 p/c to £/€125.

Starting with reel 1, similar symbols land left to right to win. From low to high, spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs, kiwifruit, watermelon, lemon, cherries, and 3 frog characters pay 0.16 to 2 times the stake for a 6-of-a-kind win. Not good values, but Frogs & Bugs’ tumble method can boost rewards. But wild symbols don’t since there are never any in the game.

Frogs & Bugs: Slot Features

Frogs & Bugs’ tumbling win method, free spins, and bonus purchase are its most crucial features.

Winning Symbols Fall

When a winning combo appears on the grid, the symbols and scatters lock to the screen and all non-winning symbols are erased. New symbols appear from above as locked symbols fall to their lowest positions on the reels. Additional winning symbols and scatters lock. This procedure continues until no new winning symbols or scatters land or all positions are filled, then a win evaluation and the following spin.

Free Spins

Players gain 8 free spins when they land at least 4 scatter symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. The game grid expands to 6-reels, 5-rows during free spins, offering 6,400 possibilities to win. The top two rows are locked at the start. Each spin randomly opens a locked location, enabling symbols to land there and increasing the number of opportunities to win. A round unlocks 8 places max.

Buy Free Spins.

Players can pay 100 times the stake to enter the free spins area for grid expansion/unlocking. Buying free spins always triggers 4 scatters and no tumbles.

Frogs & Bugs Slot Review

As far as fun goes, Frogs & Bugs was comparable to its template slot Tropical Tiki. Since the two games play the same way, but the front end is changed, it makes sense. The bugs and frogs concept is fine, but Pragmatic Play hasn’t done anything to give Frogs & Bugs a personality. A pond, nature, and cartoon animals are there. The effort was too low to be enthused about.

If we think positively, the winning symbols tumble system is a good departure from tumble characteristics. After hitting a winning combination, the remaining symbols on the reels float down to fill the vacant spaces. Though the standard way may be more versatile, it isn’t necessarily superior. Though distinct, Frogs & Bugs’ tumbling mechanism is similar to Serial. Combining it with ways to win instead of paylines may increase the thrill. Though thrilling, the trip is limited. Low symbol values and a 3,000x max win ensure that.

Thus, Frogs & Bugs was as enjoyable as the previous time we played this setup. Not much fun, and the modest effort it took to make Frogs & Bugs didn’t inspire us to dive deeper and find its finer aspects.

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